Hinge Mask F.A.Q.

by jerry lebeau

What is Hinge Mask?

Hinge Mask is a revolutionary product that was created to protect door and frame hinges from paint in merely seconds.

HOw Did Hinge Mask Come to be?

Hinge Mask was invented because we our also a fourth generation union paint contractor.  We wanted to decrease our labor time and improve our results when painting doors, so after many months of testing we came up with our patented Hinge Mask.  It has saved us thousands of hours in labor over the years and we credit it for helping us stay busy even when the economy took a turn for the worse.

Why should I use Hinge Mask?

Because it is 7-10 times faster than any alternative way of protecting hinges from paint.  Not only is Hinge Mask® much faster, it is also much more professional...

Cons of using a drill: Much slower than Hinge Mask, losing screws or hinges, damaging or scratching the hinge, incorrectly setting the hinge

Cons of using any type of tape: Much slower than Hinge Mask, paint bleeding through, paint peeling off with the tape, wasting money on non reusable tape

If you mask off hinges with tape or remove hinges with a drill you are simply wasting time and money.

How do I use Hinge Mask?

  1.  Remove door from frame with either a spring loaded pin remover or a hammer and nail (take 30 seconds to a minute to remove a door).
  2. Apply Hinge Mask by pinching near each corner until you feel or hear it snap closed
  3. Paint door and or door frame
  4. Allow paint to dry
  5. Remove Hinge Mask by pushing the "tab" on each side of the Hinge Mask® to  disengage the locking mechanism.
  6. Store for future use

Can I Spray Paint without paint getting on the hinges?

Yes!  We have sprayed doors thousands of time with Hinge Mask® and it definitely keeps the hinges protected from spray painting.



Is Hinge Mask reusable?

Yes it is durable and reusable, we recommend replacing your Hinge Mask after around 25 uses.

Do I need to clean Hinge Mask after each use?

No you don't need to clean Hinge Mask after each use.  If paint has begun to build up on Hinge Mask you can simply peel the paint off.

are their additional sizes?

Yes we have 8 sizes total, although our standard size 3.5" x 5/8 radius will fit almost all new residential hinges.  Click the link below to see all Hinge Mask sizes.

Hinge Mask® Sizes

Where can I find Hinge Mask?

Please click on the link below to see which stores have stocked our products.  

Buy our products at these stores!

If your local paint store doesn't currently sell our products, simply have them give us a call or send us an email and we'd be happy to set them up with an account.  If for whatever reason you can't buy it from your local paint store you can also purchase here through our online store.

Online Store

Why can't I buy Hinge Mask and Sherwin Williams anymore?

You can!  Although Hinge Mask may not currently be stocked at your local store they can still order Hinge Mask for you very easily.  Our vendor number is 26234948 and our sales number is  5898028, this is the information they would need to order Hinge Mask, if they have any questions please have them give us a call or send us an email.

2015 PDCA Expo!

by jerry lebeau

We're on are way to the 2015 PDCA Expo, if you're in the area of Charleston, SC we'd love to see you at booth #223!  We'll be offering $100 gift cards to anyone who can beat us at the Hinge Mask® Challenge!

What is the Hinge Mask® Challenge?

Anyone who can tape off 15 door hinges and remove the tape before we can put on and remove Hinge Mask® wins $100!

Prefer to use a drill?  We've got you covered too.  If you can remove 15 door hinges and then put them back in place before we can put on and remove Hinge Mask® you also win $100!

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing you at the show!

Pro Painting Products Team

Free Gas Cards!

by jerry lebeau

Get your free gas cards or free product, you choose!

Get your local paint stores to carry our products and we will give you a $10 in gas card per item that they carry!   There is no limit to how many gas cards you can receive, the more stores that order, the more gas cards you will receive. 

If you would prefer to be given free product we can can do that as well.  Instead of receiving a $10 gas card per item we will give you $20 in free product.

We will also give the store an opening order discount when they order.

To redeem your gas card or free product you will need to call us (866-446-4362 or 636-273-4646) after your store has ordered and give us your contact information so that we can ship it to you.  You will receive your reward within 30 days of the stores confirmed order.

Pro Painting Products Team