Our mission at Pro Painting Products is to create and distribute quality USA made affordable products that will save the customer time and money on their painting projects.  As a professional painting contractor as well, we have the benefit of being able to field test our products extensively before passing final judgement, which ensures the quality and ease of use we are looking for.


2003: Pro Painting Products began with the Hinge Mask®, which was created through LeBeau and Sons Custom Painting, a professional painting contractor since 1983. Gerald J LeBeau (owner) invented Hinge Mask® because of the need to eliminate the tedious and time consuming old way of having to use sticky masking tape to protect door and frame hinges from paint. Hinge Mask® took months to create because our factory had to tweak out the mold many times and LeBeau and Sons Custom Painting had to field test it each time. Because of this personal, hands on experience, we became the first and only company to successfully create a Hinge Mask® product that fulfills all expectations and needs of the painting contractor and for the Do-it-yourselfers.

2011: Pro Painting Products brought Outlet & Switch Cover onto it's line.  This product was created to eliminate the need to mask off outlet receptacles and light switches in order to protect them from paint. It took months of tweaking and testing, but in the end we had successful universal Outlet and Switch Cover.

2012: Pro Painting Products made another great addition to it's line.  Brush Vest was created out of a need to protect and extend the performance of paint brushes, and to replace the standard cardboard brush protectors which are often lost or damaged leaving the paint brush unprotected.  After months of field testing, it was obvious what a great product Brush Vest was and is.